A sunny walk

On my way to work I managed to get a few photos which I thought were worth sharing. Same day I got the Sunderland fans outside Sinclairs on the way home.

Until a few years ago I totally ignored anything above eye level, when I started to notice it I felt like I had been missing out on about 60% of the buildings. If I manage to slow down a little it is always nice to take note of the buildings architecture and what are often terrible looking shops have a nice second and third floor with a bit more history than the glossy shop front.




It is also nice to see the lanterns being put up for Chinese New Year, this year it was 31st of January. I am pretty sure they didn’t do this much build up for it last year, but I like it and it breaks up the lull between Christmas and longer days, which is never a bad thing. They have started to line many of the central streets with lanterns, all I can think is Tiger beer are getting a lot of advertising in some prime locations for not very much, but then thats probably the cynic in me.



The lanterns really are everywhere, but like I say they are a welcome splash of colour and a good reminder of the events which will be taking place for New Year! The town hall has been lit up and while it is dark on the way home from work I should make the most of being able to take photos of it lit up. I did this on a long exposure for a couple of reasons, it gave me the town hall lit in white (it is currently cycling through every colour in the spectrum and some of them look weird, really weird) and also it let me remove the people that were walking past on their way home from work. Plus it was another excuse to use the 11-16mm Tokina!


Thanks for reading.