A Sleepy Saturday Morning

So my girlfriend had a class booked to make some Jewellery in the area so I thought I would take the time and grab some shots in the three hours of her class before we met up for some lunch.

Her class was in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, which I would say is one of the trendier spots in Manchester, whether for nightlife or even somewhere to grab a drink. People are more interesting here, more personality and definitely not afraid to show it. Its great! I imagine a fair number of street shoots will happen in the Northern Quarter in the future as there is always something happening, even if it is something small like a new busker or just a new independent business to check out its always a good place to be.


The Northern Quarter, for those not familiar with the area is a stones throw from the centre of Manchester, the quirky capital of the city.


There are lots of little side streets and nooks and crannys I find when wandering this place on my own. The sort of places you wouldn’t normally go, but for some reason with my camera in hand I am super nosey.

108Often down the side streets are where you find the weird and wonderful things though. Don’t ask me what this alien dude is meant to be or even what it is for.


The street art around this area is always really good. I think I will have to make a note and keep up to date with posting some of it every now and again. I find the skill involved in making these images using the tools that are used amazing.




Although in many ways seeing an empty shop is a sad sight, and in the morning with all the shutters down many of the places look derelict it is amazing at how fresh and recyclable these spaces are. No sooner than one small independent has gone there are 2 in its place. It is crazy how often places change, but there seems to be a good community spirit between businesses in the Northern Quarter which is nice to see.


As this is the fun side of town, it is mainly small businesses and as their target market is generally quite young they don’t open too early. I hadn’t realised this myself until I was here this early too. It felt quite sleep in the streets even at half 10! However the postman was doing his rounds, on his bike…. I didn’t even know they still used bikes. Most of Royal Mail use little postman pat style vans.


Although it is apparently never too early for cake!


All in all I was pretty happy with my early morning sight seeing. Will have to do this more often, its nice to be able to feel so relaxed in the street when it is so quiet.




Thanks for reading.