A Very Quiet Spinningfields

Not far from where I work is a place known as Spinningfields and it has some brilliant bars and amazing shops. I would say in total contrast to my previous post it is the posher part of Manchester, partly I imagine as it sits just off Deansgate and the business district of the centre.

That said a hell of a lot of money looks like it has been thrown at this place and it looks incredible. I only managed to get a few quick shots and I imagine I will be back for some more substantial but for what was more of a rec mission I managed to scrape a few decent shots together.


I haven’t included a bar which is in my opinion one of the best bars in Manchester and that is The Oast House, but that was mainly to do with the fact that one it was being worked on and I can’t spoil how amazing it looks by having scaffolding on it and two it was empty, properly dead. So for that reason I may just have to come back in summer and take a few photos before having one of their hanging kebabs (dribbling just thinking about it). With my back to oast house I was able to capture this of All Saints window. It really does not do it justice as the reflection ruins the effect a little but the number of Singer sewing machines is awesome. Love how they do this in their windows.


Coming out the heart of Spinningfields and out towards Deansgate takes you under a small passage which has some brilliant lighting on the right sort of day.

dark-alleyAlso love the sculptures hanging mid-air almost flying above your head!


One of the things I do like about Spinningfields is the fact that it has so much steel and glass. I know thats not everyones taste but it does make for some nice reflections and amazing colours as the light is refrected.


The contrast is amazing between “The Avenue” complex of Spinningfields and areas just around the corner, but then a lot of the cities in England often have places like this. Liverpool 1 springs to mind.


Revolutions is a great place for anyone wishing to forget their troubles and the different shots, tequila and cocktails present a promise of a hangover before the night begins. No drink today though, I just like that the logo reminds me of a communist South American or Cuban style emblem.


I’m glad the day turned out so bright, little harsh at times but then it is England so I cant complain if there is too much sun!


Thanks for reading.