Chinese New Year

Happy New Year of the horse everyone. It was the first time I have been to Manchester Chinatowns celebrations, or any celebrations for new year in fact, but I enjoyed it a lot.



Both me and Amy were only there an hour or so but we managed to sample the day and I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the crowds, bar a few grumpy spectators it was an enjoyable day.

Some of the celebrations involved traditional dances by children in Manchester and of course we stayed for the dragon dance. Hopefully next year we can get to see more of the celebrations.


As expected the crowds were massive, really nice to see such a big turnout and there was a secondary celebration in the main city square outside the town hall, we chose to come to the heart of the celebrations. Always fun times in China Town. The photo shows the crowds as we started to part as the Dragon had set off from the town square.


Of course like Christmas, its all about the kids and they all looked like they were having fun. One little girl being held up watching the umbrella dance on stage with her dad.


There were also kids dancing round in Lion costumes, which I hope we get to see next year as they looked a lot of fun, having only seen them once before I would like to see them again. Maybe year of the Goat will be my year to see the Lions.


When I am out and about I do try to stay under the radar as much as possible but I think this time I may have been spotted haha


Thanks for reading!