Manchesters Anglican Cathedral

Seeing as though I only work just round the corner from this place I decided it would be a good idea to lug a fair amount of kit to this one, despite taking a load of lenses all the shots are from the Tokina 11-16mm or the Nikon 50mm (both incredible in their own right)

I visited last week having never stepped foot in the Cathedral before and was blown away by the stone work and wood carvings that are seemingly everywhere within the cathedral. It is free entry and after talking to the guides, who offer free tours and information if you ask nicely, found out they have a bit of a photo competition on. So I knew this place would definitely be ok with me taking some snaps.

The first thing I noticed on walking in is the expanse of the main area, but it is deceiving as the main area is only a small part of the cathedral.



There are a number of smaller chapels as you walk around the cathedral the largest of these being the war memorial chapel, which stands as a reminder of the damage caused to the cathedral in WWII. My guide told me the window was to remind of the fires in the war.


Just round the corner, at the back of the cathedral is a small chapel with some of the most incredible woodwork above the entrance.


Above the incredible woodwork is a stained glass window, it looks to be the oldest and more traditional in styling. There are others which are 1970’s concepts and prove a little abstract for me in this setting. The cathedral does melt the modern and historic really well though.


Then behind me I see the main altar and the choir area and it was amazing, the woodwork is incredible.




There are plenty of examples of small details which often escape you if you walk round too quickly but beautiful woodwork and stone work are everywhere.



I really enjoyed this place and as you expect the people are lovely and friendly, if you are ever in the city centre of Manchester and need something to fill and hour or two this is a winner.

There’s even a table for the kids, think I got some funny looks taking this shot…


Thanks for reading!