Giant Lasers…

Lasers beamed out from the roof of the Lowry on Friday night as part of a week-long exhibition honouring war heroes and Second World War code-breaker Alan Turing.
Manchester Evening News

So as the quote suggests on Friday 21 March an exhibition started beaming morse code onto the roof of the Imperial War Museum North from the Lowry. I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and capture some of these beams, although I wasn’t too sure how well I would do!


I think it coincided with some mass photographer outing as it was heaving with photographers. Not always ideal as people are asking about your shots and I am not always a fan of showing off all my photos…oh heres a terrible one…heres my lighting test shot…..heres my other shot I knocked the tripod before it finished….you get the point.


Anyway, myself and my girlfriend Amy went for a wander. She is very creative and sometimes its great walking with her as she notices things that I maybe won’t concentrate on. Different perspective maybe. Of course it is always funny when she has the camera and is snapping something, I see something I like only to find she already saw it and has it. Its all good though, I still like getting the shot even if her ones have turned out better.



So we thought as it was just before sunset to just grab a few shots on the way to the LASERS!!!


The architecture and lines around media city are amazing!


If you haven’t been to Salford Quays it is worth a trip as the light and water and housing is quite nice, it is peaceful to walk around and there is a little bird life which can be used for birds in flight practice.

As you wander through the quays the new presence of Media City looms into view, its a great addition to the quays and presents a lot of new architectural shot opportunities. I have no doubt it will feature on the blog again in the future.

The glass, curves and lighting of the BBC complex are brilliant and with a polariser attached you get great control over the reflections.


Tripod became a definite necessity as the light level dropped and without clouds so where a good pair of gloves. We were definitely caught out with the cold.




All in all I think the lasers came out well, not as great as I hoped but maybe I will go back in the next few days and see if I can get something when I feel there is less people about. One of the benefits of being so close to the quays I suppose.



Thanks for reading.