A cloudy day at the Quays

The quays being right near my flat are a pretty good place to wander and just see what is happening. There are some markets there today, but I wasn’t in the mood for street photos, I still feel like I am building up the courage to actually managing to take some real street photos of people. I don’t mind having lots of architecture shots but one of these days I will have to get out of my comfort zone and do a few portraits.

A lot of things are thrown into Salford Quays; wood, rubbish, bottles, trolleys, bodies (not even kidding). In this instance someone had thought it a great idea to fish a bike out and put the decaying wreck on the access ramp to the bridge, sounds like I am complaining but it looked really cool. It would be nice to see the area cleaned up a bit, especially near the rowing centre.



The lowry theater is a nice bit of architecture, lots of fascinating shapes and angles. I have quite a few photos of the building and it is always interesting seeing it in different lights and how it changes. It is quite a bold design but, oddly it fits, since the introduction of both BBC and ITV to media city. The Quays area has quite a number of interesting architectural choices.






Strange to see that nobody was queuing for tickets, one because its Sunday and its pretty quiet this side of the line, two their was a lot of work on the lines here today so no trams are running.



Thanks for reading.