A Weekend In The Country

So for the weekend of the 5th and 6th of April we went on holiday in the country. It sounds very posh, turns out it was….ish!

So I haven’t met quite a few of Amy’s friends yet, not through avoidance, but I guess because the timings never been right. The weekend allowed me to get to know a few more people that little bit better. We drove down to the house on the Friday evening, which took forever. It was meant to be 3 hours from Manchester but it turned into more like 4.5 hours because of traffic and roadworks. I now have a new hatred of average speed cameras…

The house was incredible and the owner had left lots of little bits for us, although one of Amys friends had organised a shop with essentials for the weekend including wine, cider and beer.


For 11 of us there was plenty of room and it was extremely comfortable. Even with there being 11 the house was large enough that we weren’t under each others feet all the time. It was a good thing too, the weather didn’t really let up, a couple of hints at sunshine but that was really it. So unfortunately we didn’t take advantage of the Tennis court Croquet or Pool like we would have had it been the height of the British summer fortnight.



Definitely had a good laugh here and would recommend it to anyone. The area of Oldbury is very nice and Thornbury was a very nice little village, the occasions we drove through.

The church nearby and the views from the hill the church was on were amazing.



It was also a good opportunity to take a few portrait shots of friends and candids in preparation for a wedding I have coming up. First wedding I have ever photographed, so I feel any practise will be good news. I would love to include these in here, but I don’t think they would ever let me take photos again if I started opening them up to the world all the time.


Thanks for reading.