Blowing away the cobwebs at Ladybower Reservoir

So myself and my girlfriend decided yesterday might be a nice chance to get out and about on our own. A nice chance to get into the countryside and blow away the cobwebs. So, a little later than planned, we set off for a short flat walk around Ladybower reservoir.

I had found a walk that was about 6 miles and pretty flat, nothing too strenuous given this was our first of the year. If anyone else is interested here it is, Ladybower reservoir walk.

The weather was pretty rubbish, but I suppose you have to make do with what you have. Being that the point of the walk was to have fun and relax I didn’t take as many photos as usual and just tried to shut down and appreciate things a little more. I find carrying the camera very therapeutic, but sometimes it means I can spend more time concentrating on framing shots and capturing the moment than actually being in the moment with the people who I am with. Must get better at that.


It is quite nice at this time of the year as the Daffodils come out and line large areas of roadside. It reminds me a little of Dundee where entire roadsides of dual carriageway are covered in swathes of Daffodils, just a sea of yellow!



I always find it interesting the differences between city and country life, it isn’t like an alien culture or anything just small differences. Given that my girlfriend runs her own business, she has become a total postal nerd. It’s cute, and pretty funny. Im sure she would love to see me spreading this sort of news. But as an homage to her here is the smallest post box I have ever seen! Also if you attach a postbox to a wooden stake in Manchester it wouldn’t be there the next day! People in the country are a little more trustworthy.


Usually at the start of spring there are lambs all over the place, and given that we were in the right place at the right time I’m not sure I want to ask too many questions about where all the lambs have gone.



About half way through the walk it started to drizzle, not a lot but enough to make photography a little risky. So below is one of the last shots of the day. It turned out nice, my girlfriend thought it would be better B+W so here it is in its monotone glory.



Thanks for reading.