Flashing flowers

One of the areas I haven’t really experimented with was strobes or flash guns. Feeling inspired and with a number of family events and weddings coming up I thought it would be a good time to learn.

I picked up a new SB-700 from Jessops in Manchester. I used to hate Jessops thinking it was overpriced and the staff where never any help and even my often limited knowledge was far more than theirs. Since the chain of stores went into administration and was bought out they have really upped their game, it’s great to go in and speak to Nikon only advisors etc and get decent answers from people with a genuine interest in photography. They have lowered their prices but the reason I like them (along with Calumet) is you can try before you buy which is great and you know the item will work when you get it home.

Anyway point is Jessops is doing a good job. So I had a few minutes spare the other night and after a few on camera tests decided to test it out with my also newly purchased flash bender.

The Shots

So I got a bunch of flowers, and thought I would try out some alternate lighting.

So the setup for this was simple; a glass to hold the flowers, a piece of white card, my SB-700, the flash bender and a 90mm macro.

Here are the results:







A lot of the shots are long exposures, 6-8 seconds with apertures over f/22. Using a front curtain off camera flash, either from below or from the left.

Thanks for reading.