Sheffield Pike and Glenridding Dodd

I think spring is finally here, ish, well it’s a classic British spring if nothing else. Warm enough for no coats, them cold enough that I need all the coats to stay warm!

Decided that last weekend being my birthday weekend we would do an Andy favourite….hiking. As the weather is getting better it hails the beginning of Summer, or at least the hope of warm weather. So as the first proper walk of the season we chose a couple of smaller hills as the first hike.

They are both part of the Wainwright fells, a list of 214 hills and mountains in the Lake District I am currently working through. I am not really very far, but it isn’t much of a chore to get out to these areas as they are so beautiful.

The start of the walk was pretty tough has the first outing in a while, but pushing through we had a chance to take a break on a wall and look out at the progress so far and check our map.


The route was really good for walking, a little chilly, but at least it didn’t rain. There was rain nearby the entire time and even though we were prepared it is always nicer not being soaked the entire walk.

As with most of the Wainwright walks you see fellow walkers completing their lists too, but then every so often you see tourists and we met a nice couple from Slovenia battling the winds at the peak of Sheffield Pike. Swapping cameras letting us get good shots of the top.

The scenery in the Lakes is stunning, and the Glenridding and Ullswater areas are incredible.







The walk down to the car was tough and quite strap through a forest of, what looked like, mostly fallen trees. However it being spring and all it was all worthwhile seeing the lambs in the fields near the car.


Thanks for reading.