A lovely walk along Bridgewater Canal in Sale

Of all the quintessentially British things I think that walking along a canal on a warm day, watching the boats go by and finishing with a cold beer is pretty nice.

We took a trip to Bridgewater canal in Sale. The initial purpose of this trip was to scope out good places to take photos for a wedding I have been asked to photograph by a friend. So once that was done it was time to relax.

The wedding is right by the Kings Ransom in Sale and will be a lovely place to spend the day. Sitting right on the water the pub is a great place to grab a pint. Fingers crossed for sunshine on the big day.


When we had finished our tests we wandered down the canal, no plan in mind, more just to wander. I haven’t been around this area before, but both myself and my girlfriend enjoyed it. Very relaxing, and although you can still hear all the traffic it is visually isolated making it easier to block out the urban sprawl going on around.




I am not sure if it is a requirement of owning a narrow boat, but all the owners seem to be very happy and wave as they pass.

They all seem to have a definite theme going on though. Rosie and Jim. These two stuffed toys were the stars of a TV show when I grew up.



Walking further down the canal revealed the Sale cemetery, an incredible place. The number of graves and the large church like building in the centre are extremely impressive.



Even the squirrels were out to play.


Thanks for reading.