A potter around Knaresborough

So my girlfriends family have been over from Canada, and as a result we have been following them and entertaining as they spend time in England. One of her relatives happens to know someone from school that now lives in Knaresborough, having not been before it was really nice to see somewhere new.

It was a soggy day. I’m sure this is to be expected by most in England, but it was misty and pretty miserable. All said, it was still a lovely little town preparing for their day in the limelight as the Tour de France passed through. It was great to see how everyone had prepared, there were yellow bikes hung above doorways. The local school children had¬†made their own Tour jerseys, which were hung all through the town.



The view from next to the castle ruins was lovely, I have no doubt on a clear day it would be even better.



From the castle we made our way to a lovely gardens, which had a small public paddling pool, something that is not very common at all in England now.









In the middle of the gardens was an incredible wood carved bench for “Sadie”.






One of the distinguishing features of the British pub, to me, is the stained glass adverts on pub windows. I am unsure of the history, but I guess it leaves little room for changes inside the premises if you effectively tattoo your specification to the window!




Thank for reading.