Waignwright Hiking and Camping in the Lake District

So this is the first of two days of walking I did with my brother over the most recent bank holiday weekend.

We set out to cover 11 peaks on the first day then 4 on the second day when we were tired from our walks and camping. It wasn’t long until that plan went out the window! On our way to the start of the first walk, which we already decided we would make the 4 peak one, my brother realised he had left his boots at home…. So after a quick trip past Go Outdoors in Penrith for some new boots we were on our way. With it being a Sunday we had to wait for the shop to open as we were too early, once it was we managed to get a nice pair of boots.

So on pulling up to the first walk we had the fortune of starting the walk in the rain, so it was full waterproofs time. Shortly after starting we were beginning our ascent through a forested area, it was very humid and tough going especially with all the clothing we had on to combat the weather. As we came out of the forest the clouds broke and the sun was blazing…really blazing….time to lose some layers. In the image below you can see the forested area and the clouds of the rain we just walked through.


So on our way up to Burnbank Fell we were now climbing a little off the beaten path and pretty much straight up to the peak, it was great but again the ascent on soggy ground is always a bit naff.


We could see more rain on its way and just made the most of the dry while we had it.


We made it to Burnbank Fell peak without encountering anymore rain. Then, as soon as I had begun to relax about the rain, it started again. Torrential downpours on the already saturated ground was making for soggy going. We were both prepared, unlike some we saw that day, but it still means it is impossible to take photos in this weather and guarantee a working camera at the end.

When the rain did stop, the sun was out straight away. I haven’t ever experienced this before, but it was so warm the ground was steaming away the instant the sun hit it.



As is often the way with the walks we do, we pick an ascent that will allow us to encorporate multiple peaks in one walk, so it felt only a short hop to Blake Fell. Below is the shelter at the top of Blake Fell.


From Blake Fell onward we were lucky with the weather and it turned into a beautiful and dramatic day.







After covering the 4 peaks (Burnbank Fell, Blake fell, Gavel fell and Hencombe fell) we headed for our acommodation for the night a small 3 man tent in the car. Our next door neighbour that night was this fella.




Thanks for reading.