A sunny day on the Langdale Pikes

So I kind of thought I would be doing a walk with work this weekend, but we had to reschedule, so I thought instead of let a nice day go to waste (it is England after all) we could still get out into the hills.

OK so we set off at about 8am for this one, getting to our parking spot for about 2 hours later. A small tip, there are two car parks opposite each other, the one in the field is owned by the nearby pub and is significantly cheaper if you require all day parking. If not, go to the National Trust one opposite. All day is £5 in the grassed car park at the time of writing.

So we rocked up and set off up into the hills for about half 10 to 11.

One thing I should say is that walking in a valley, surrounded by ferns in what must have been 26 degs plus crazy humidity is not pleasant. However reaching the peak or that mountain is pleasant. On one of our many many rest breaks I managed to get a quick shot of the valley opening up below us.


We took quite a few rest breaks on the way up, given the humidity and heat we needed to take on more water than usual. Starting at 130m and climbing to 730m takes its toll too. While not crazy heights, its the lateral distance in which this is achieved that made it harder I think.


So we reached the peak of Loft Crag and had our lunch, then it was a case of conquering Pike O’ Stickle. By now it was the main thing in the skyline and an incredible looking mountain.


If you can make out the dot on top, that is another climber and gives you some perspective, otherwise I realise it could be a pebble in the grass haha.

Amy hasn’t been walking with me for very long, and consequently I get to enjoy our firsts together and shortly after I shot the below image, we were surrounded by cloud. It was the first time we had been covered in cloud properly, but its always a cool feeling. This was especially great as the cloud raced up the mountain and over forming around us. Even the small things like this make the slog of getting up here totally worth it.


From our descent from Pike O’ Stickle we carried on to Harrison Stickle, Thunacar Knott before our final peak of the day, Pavey Ark. From here we could see Stickle Tarn and our eventual path down to the car.


Seems easy, just get down to the tarn, could not be simpler…surely. It took a long time to traverse our way down the mountain. We thought we would take an easier route, but in the end the harder route would have been the easier. Ah well we know for next time.

So after a long day and some great grub, I thought perfect another 5 Wainwrights ticked off. That would put my tally in the 50s now! Oh wait I already did these peaks last year….*sigh*.

All in all a great 5 peaks, I am pleased with the images I captured, but I will be trying out some panoramics next time without the polariser. A lot of people say you shouldn’t use a polariser with a super wide angle anyway, but I have never had any issues with the images. I think it is one of those things you don’t notice until it is pointed out to you.