Another trip to Fletcher Moss

I think Fletcher Moss in Didsbury is fast becoming my favourite park in Manchester. At the moment it has the beauty of Summer, nice long grasses, beautiful flowers. I love the variety of this place, maintained gardens in one area, planted hedgerows and roses, trellis. Then walk for less than 5 minutes and you come to woodland, meadow grasses.

I think this is one of those places that will interest me all year round. If are luck (or unlucky, dependant on your view) enough to get snow this winter I have no doubt I will be back to this place in a flash. For now though, I enjoyed the Summer grasses.


The flowers have definitely died back for the most part and while the colour is less overwhelmingly obvious it is still hidden away, and when you do see it it punches straight through the seas of green and browns.




Even the smallest of flowers can create impact when you catch them flowering all at once. The Forget-me-not flowers were out in force for the day. Definite summer feeling after this.


Thanks for reading.