Hiking with work, covering Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks

Hopefully this will be the first of many hikes with some of the people from my office.

As organiser I had the task of finding a decent walk to challenge people, but also allow everyone to enjoy themselves and have fun. After all its all well and good getting the amazing views, but if nobody is smiling about it, it kind of ruins the day.

We had a great day with a route that saw us take on Fleetwith pike (the hard way) and down to the peak of Haystacks. Being in a group has its own benefits, but it also has its drawbacks. For one, I didn’t always have the time to take photos in the most interesting locations, but we did have plenty of time available to make our way through the hills, and the time always seems to fly by with good company.



There was some incredible machinery at the old mine, which is marked as disused on the OS map, but there seems to be an abundance of mining machinery and excavators. These would definitely make interesting subjects in the future.



The area is probably one of my favourite around the Lake District, not far from Keswick, giving spectacular views of Buttermere and in this case surrounding mountains like Pillar.


It was a fantastic day out and I think I may have scoped a few more places out which will give great images in the future. I am sure to be back at this spot again in the future.

My final image shows the two peaks, so on the left is Fleetwith Pike and on the right is the peak of Haystacks. Phenomenal day.


Thanks for reading.