The dreaded Crib Goch

OK so if you don’t know what Crib Goch is, it is worth a Google. This is exactly what I did before setting out with my Dad and Brother, it freaked me out. I was still fine doing it, but I thought this may well be a challenge for me. It turned out to be a lot more fun than I had anticipated.

I think it helped that a colleague in work had reassured me it would be a walk in the park given the amount of fells I have done now. Rocky edges always seem more daunting though, he did also point out you would be totally knackered if you did fall.

The day was phenomenal. The weather was better than I had hoped for the edge, the wind was there but nothing to be concerned about. Only downside to such great weather is the unfortunate harsh shadows and black details in the images.




So from the bottom, it already looked a daunting task, the crowds were horrendous on the Snowdon path, but we were lucky in that they didn’t attempt the ascent of Crib Goch.





Climbing the initial part of Crib Goch was probably the most challenging bit, but once you have your head wrapped round that you are good for the rest of the day.




Once at the start of the edge it becomes apparent just how much everyone was struggling with the edge itself. People were edging themselves across on all fours, some using the edge as a hand rail and dropping a couple of feet to allow an easier traverse. I wasn’t doing this, I was doing the edge, so it was just going to be good balance for me.






Having finished the edge part of Crib Goch I can safely say I will be back to do it again, such a great laugh and the feeling of knowing it could all go wrong is an interesting but not completely unnerving one.



The views, as expected, were spectacular and even though the lighting was harsh it played as an advantage on the hard rock. It has a tendency to make it look even more dramatic. The left of this image is the peak of Snowdon, we didn’t bother though, it was packed and we could see people queuing for the top.




I will definitely be back, although next time on a quieter day.

Thanks for reading.