Grisedale Pike and Hopegill Head

Another day another trip to the Lake District, this was supposedly the main event of this weekend, but with yesterdays trip to Helvellyn it was going to be a struggle. Todays trip was with a few guys from my work. Up early and out of the door for 8am, another 2 hours up to the car park to start the walk.

The car park was very small, but we were lucky to be the last 2 cars to fit in. It was a convenient starting point as the route had us walk out of one side and return by the other.

The previous outing with work had been a massive success, covering Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike on a 5.5mile jaunt through the countryside.  I had promised that for this walk we would have an easier time and it would not be so steep straight out of the car. Fleetwith was a punishing first hour out of the car. Turns out I misread the contours a little, it turned out to be a punishing 2 and a half hours of uphill walking. Definitely felt the burn after the previous days hike.



The weather was a definite improvement over the previous day, with high cloud covering only the much taller peaks in the distance, definitely not a concern for us today. Onwards and upwards, with plenty of stops, meaning we made the top in a decent time. Making use of the shelter for our lunch just near the top.

We noticed a stone slate with the peak name etched onto it “Grisdale Pike”, annoying one of our group enough that they ended up correcting the misspelling. He just couldn’t let it go.

After lunch we marched on toward Hopegill Head, looking back on our latest victory.




The weather has definitely become a lot more bearable with temperatures dropping quite drastically in the last two weeks. The sunny weather we were lucky to have so much of seems like a distant memory now. We are definitely in autumn and heading toward Winter weather at pace.

Walking on from Grisedale Pike we passed Hobcarton Crag, with some tremendous cliff faces and perilous drops, I can imagine being tricky to distinguish in Winter. The part of the walk when you are neither ascending or descending can be the most rewarding of the day, allowing time to actually take in the surroundings as you head to the next peak. I think people who are used to completing one peak at a time are missing a trick with this.


Now at Hopegill Head, the secondary peak of the day at 770m (only 21m less than Grisedale Pike), I am really pleased with the above image. Looking back to Grisedale on the left, Sand Hill a little left of centre and off towards Whiteside in the distance on the right.

We didn’t spend a long time here, the temperature was dropping and we were keen to keep moving, off toward Sand Hill and down into the valley.

Dropping back into the valley offers the opportunity to see the old mining activity which is very much abandoned, but nonetheless very interesting.



From here we went down the steep trail taking us out just beneath the old mine entrance shown above, time for one last image before we carried on back to the cars. A quick stitch of images back up the valley towards Eel crag and Low Force.


Todays walk was absolutely fantastic, again going down well with the guys from work.

7.5miles in about 5.5hours (think I might start recording some stats about the walks from the GPS data)

Thanks for reading.