Manchester Canals

A couple of shots I managed to get yesterday on a short walk between the Northern Quarter and Oxford Road on the canals of Manchester.

This is the first time I have done this, I went with my brother and girlfriend. Despite how the photos came out, this is grim. This walk is pretty horrendous, apart from the obvious that it gives such an alternate outlook on the city, it does at times feel like you have stumbled on the seedy underworld of the city.




So the above was taken on the way into the underpasses as a boat was passing through the lock.

After this it seemed to get a lot darker until you surface after the underpass, it is the sort of place I would not want to go at night. Once you come up for air near Canal Street it is nice again looking back on the path of the canal, but it is not the usual picturesque sailing of other areas of canal.





We continued our walk up towards Oxford road passing a homeless man fast asleep on a bench, this place is an eye opener and an assault on the senses to say the least. I will be back here for more images, at least next time I will be prepared.




Thanks for reading.

Unrelated, but this happened today. I take so much for granted with digital photography, I have been shooting film for a little while to improve my understanding of light and the way it effects my pictures. So I have used 35mm and 120 film to express this desire to learn. I also thought (being the clever clogs I like to think I am) I would develop them at home. This went horribly wrong today when I finished the process of what I thought was going to be some nice 6×6 negatives, only to find they had been destroyed during the process! Pretty annoying, but only 12 frames. Although I would have liked to have seen them it is not the end of the world, but I think I definitely need to try work out what has happened, hard to shoot if you get everything right in camera to ruin it in the development!