Skiddaw and Little Man

Booking a couple of days off work is always risky if your plan is to be outside during either of those two days. Then to organise a hike over 2 weeks in advance for one of those two days and not have it pour it down all day, that is a bloody miracle!




Even up to two days before this hike the weather was threatening all sorts of winds and rain. Luckily on the day, it was the polar opposite. In fact having packed everything I had, even wearing my newly purchased merino base layer, I still ended up walking in just a t-shirt and shorts. It’s October, it shouldn’t be this warm! Enough chat about the weather anyway and onto the walk.





Parking near Ravenstone Hotel we made our way up the steep incline and up towards Ullock Pike. We were aiming to cover Skiddaw, but I was hoping to push for Little Man,  a short hop from the Skiddaw summit. A short hop traversing the side of Skiddaw which is no gentle slope.





The peak of Little Man is excellent, a cracking viewpoint over Keswick and a look back to a good memory of another walk from earlier in the year, Walla Crag.




The clouds today were spectacular and, as the sun was so low, the broken cover offered gave great light streams as the sunlight made its way toward Keswick.

After a little lunch it was onwards and upwards to Skiddaw, from 860m to 930m and the plateaus awaited.

On reaching the plateau it is easy to see how in horrendous weather and thick cloud cover (which Skiddaw is seemingly famed) that one of the many shelters may appear to be the peak, we passed two before we hit the official summit.




After seeing the peak covered in cloud for most of the morning, we were very pleased we were able to see anything, between the fast paced clouds I was able to grab photos of the scenes below. A great feeling to be on top of such a large mountain in the Lakes.

After completing Skiddaw, we made a steep and shale filled decent back down the mountain. Significantly quicker than our ascent, we made it along the path below then followed that back to an intersection we had passed previously.



I can never resist a waterfall though, had the waterfall not been in so much shadow it would have been great to  get the mountain in the background behind this.





Thanks for reading.