My foray into film…part 2

Maybe 6 months now I purchased my first film camera, loading the camera was the first time using film in about 15 years. It is a lovely 35mm film camera, a Pentax k1000. This is not a post about my new Pentax, instead it is about my Yashica-Mat, another film camera I have purchased. I have a whole post written about my Pentax, so this is kind of a part 2 with a part 1 to follow.

Having used the 35mm camera for a few months I was interested in breaking into medium format. I literally knew nothing about 120 film, twin lens reflexes and the rest of the baffling but very new stuff you get with this sort of camera.



My purchase set me back £90, this included a light meter, the case and a roll of film. Oh and the instructions in the shop of how the hell it works.

At first you feel a little held back by the limitations of a camera like this, but I have really enjoyed using it. You definitely have to consider your shots much more thoroughly. Framing, metering and adjustments all take longer for obvious reasons, but then there are benefits to slowing down that help produce better results. I suppose you end up with a more purposeful frame after consideration, I am also finding I am less disappointed with the results.

Referring to the image above (working from left to right), the bottom left button is the shutter release, the bottom lens takes the image, the top lens is for focussing and framing. The left and right black jog wheels are controls for the shutter and aperture, both of which are displayed above the top lens. The viewing panel is located in a housing that pops up from the top, with an additional fine focussing magnifier for sharp images.




The camera is from around 1955 time, probably a couple of years later, but given its journey to me I guess it is in very good condition. I am beyond happy with the results I am getting from this camera, I can see me purchasing other medium format TLR’s in the future, but for now this will definitely be beaten and bruised during its life with me.




This, as with my Pentax is from the Real Camera Company in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, a place I am becoming very familiar with. It is not a big place, but the wealth of knowledge is phenomenal. I am developing my own film at the moment, really interesting to learn as much as I can about the process. Hopefully get some images up in the near future.

Thanks for reading.