Another trip to Manchester Cathedral

There are lots of fascinating buildings, and as with many cities it takes a while to really appreciate them for what they are. The cathedral in Manchester is one of those buildings for me. I am not religious or spiritual in any way, I just enjoy the architecture of religious buildings.

My setup on this day (the day being about a month ago now, 27 Nov), was my D7100 with my brothers tilt shift 24mm. It is by far the mos impressive lens I have ever shot with, negating the fact it is tilt shift, its an absolutely phenomenal 24mm prime. The sharpness and clarity you can produce is simply outstanding.








I have enjoyed visiting this place throughout the year. I guess this building has the added benefit of being so close to where I work. I still enjoy the changing light throughout the year. Another benefit is, as it is close to work, I never worry about not getting my shot, I can always come back in a week or two time.

Thanks for reading.