Analogue Street images of Manchester – Part 1 (35mm)

On a day to day basis, with the exclusion of hikes, I have been using film to capture my imagination and my photographs.

I have both my 35mm and my 120 film cameras alternating, with a tendancy to carry my 120 film TLR more often than not. Having the pictures back from both I can definitely see a dramatic increase in detail resolution on the 120 film. However with the Yashica producing 6cm x 6cm negatives it is hardly surprising. I am finding the format amazing to work with and the analogue nature of both to be very enjoyable. It really has given me a greater appreciation of metering and light and shadow in general.

I am developing my own negatives, so to this end I have been shooting solely B+W, with the exception of a first test roll which was colour in the 35mm Pentax I have. B+W is not something I have ever looked for when shooting, but again I am enjoying the challenge. Below are some of the images from the latest batch.

35mm Pentax KM

Shooting around Manchester, I am trying to let myself slow down and not feel to under pressure to shoot the images I see straight away. I am aware that each shot is precious, almost more so than that of digital, where I feel my shots are very disposable and recoverable later. I do not try this intentionally, but often I worry less about exposure in the knowledge I can save a shot in Photoshop + Lightroom later on.




Although I did buy myself a field notes book, I have been terrible at waiting to write down the details of my shots afterwards. I keep thinking I will do that later, but of course later never happens!





I also have to keep thinking as happy and ecstatic I am that images are even visible on the negatives sometimes, just because a shot is on film does not mean it is a good shot. That said, I am happy with some of the shots I get, and the hope is always that I will become better at a genre I do not shoot a lot of.







The final image is not of course a street image, but I have included it as I was really pleased with the depth I gained on the film in the image. I was very surprised at the dynamic range the film showed here. Complete distinction between black fur and dark eyes that even digital cameras can have trouble with.




See part 2 covering the 120 film developed in the same batch.

Thanks for reading.