Playing with Light

I have always felt that playing with light has been a major part of my photography, but I have definitely noticed a massive improvement in my understanding and ability to meter since using film. Before I would let the camera capture the scene with the hope of recovering the details later, with film I do not have that benefit. This means I have to shoot smarter, which I am enjoying a lot. I miss shots, as should be expected, but I am always really pleased with the shots that turn out well.


Even down the darkest of alleys, there is the opportunity to highlight a figure from the darkness.


Above a basic lighting setup, nothing fancy. I just like the lines of the tram leading into this picture of Shudehill Interchange.




As the sun started setting, I started to look for areas that would allow me to make the most of the contrasting light. Iron work and glass are amazing for this, but I also tried a new technique shooting into the light with a hope of producing a rim light effect around the people in the frame.




Thanks for reading.