Red for Valentines Day

Valentines day fell on a Saturday this year! For me this meant spending the day with Amy, we hadn’t got much plans, so we sort of just went with the flow. We had a few ideas, but nothing concrete. We started our day at Media City with lunch at Craftbrew, caught the tram into the city and decided to photograph red things.


We passed a few weddings that day, I never realised how popular it was to marry on valentine’s day. Really liked the choice of transport at the quays though.



The idea was we could collage our day and have a red valentine mosaic. We both took photos, and we were really happy with the result. It was also really fun to look out for red things together all day even if we did look a bit silly taking photos of random things just because they’re red.

We started at St Peters Square, moving to the town hall where there are lots of lanterns hanging for Chinese new year, I was busy shooting some film and making field notes about exposures etc. I have been pretty awful at this in the past, but I am trying to get better.


While I made notes, Amy shot some of the lanterns.


We made our way round the city, stopping to shoot anything and everything we saw that was red, we still had the collage in the back of our minds. It was really fun. We just made decisions based on what we felt like shooting or doing, we ended up in the Cathedral at one point and got some nice shots.


Some refreshments outside and off we went…


When you are forced to look for specific colours it is amazing what you see that you didn’t before.



We swapped the camera between us all day, it was the first time I think we had ever shot like this and it was a lot of fun. I definitely think doing colour days in the future would be a lot of fun.



Of course not everything we shot was red, it definitely made us look harder at what we walked past on our wander through the city. The window display below is something I have seen a few times, but never tried shooting.


The end result of our day was our collage of red, I am really happy with how it came out, a really fun day out and one I think anyone could do. I was a little sceptical at first but it was definitely a lot of fun.



Thanks for reading.