A Solar (Almost) Eclipse

Up to the night before I was not up for this. Some people in work had asked what I was doing for this? Was I taking photos? Nah, why bother, they’ll be rubbish, it’ll be cloudy. However one of my colleagues said “you have to think positive”. I went home the night before the eclipse thinking meh. I am sure I will see it on facebook.

I got up the morning of the eclipse and I had a total change of heart! I ran round frantically grabbing all my gear getting all the filters in case, by some miracle, it was very strong light. I had a refreshed mindset of how awesome it will be, even just thinking about it amazes me now. Such an amazing astronomical event!

Along with 3 of my coworkers we headed down to just outside the National Football Museum and hoped we would be able to see through the clouds. I set up my tripod, reach for my lens and its my 90mm macro….not the 55-300mm I had wanted but a macro lens. It was the best I had so it’s what I went with!

Each time the clouds passed it was amazing to see the crescent getting smaller and smaller. I took shots throughout but these two were definitely my favourite of the event.



So this was a 95% eclipse and the next one of this level in UK will be in 2090, I doubt I will be here for that one, so I am very glad I got to see this one.

Thanks for reading.