Kodak KDK Six-16

I love film, like really love it. I don’t know what it is in particular, but I definitely enjoy shooting and not seeing the images for weeks. The process in itself is more difficult, so in some ways I feel it is more worthwhile almost. I realise that makes no sense, but then if what you’re doing makes you happy I am not sure it has to make sense.

I particularly enjoy discovering old cameras which I can use in my street photography for fun. Recently in addition to the Yashica-Mat 120 and my Pentax KM 35mm I added a Kodak KDK Siz-16 self errecting camera. The amazing thing about this camera is the condition considering its age! This is some old tech, only made for a period between 1932 and 1936.


Included in my purchase was a very well looked after case and, to my amazement, some exposed ready to develop 616 film.


I am also keen to try out one of the od large bellows cameras but all old camera tech intrigues me and this is a fun piece of kit. As the film it takes is no longer available I will be modifying it to take standard 120 film so I will have nice usable negatives from this contraption at some point in the future.


As with all old pieces of tech there are many many limitations to what this can do.

In the below photo you can see along the top of the art deco inspired front plate the shutter speed. As it reads you have time (T) and bulb (B), after that you have 4 more speeds. Thats it. 4.


The focus is limiting, the number on the outer ring of the lens are feet, this is a ratchet system and you kind of just gauge where your subject is as there are not focus cues. Below that you have your aperture options. These are pretty good actually with options up to f/22.

The hardest part of use is probably the viewfinder, which is like a weird bulbous element sticking from the top right, it is only viewable from about 12-18 inches away any closer and it is a total blur which is not particularly convenient.

I can imagine thinking what is the point at this point, but I am not doing this to make super crisp and sharp digital images I am after something a bit different and to see what old tech can produce.


So after finding the film in the back I decided to research how to develop it. I researched extensively regarding this film and as it is B+W film I will be giving it a go. Given the film was discontinued in 1984 I would expect images on there to be from the 90’s at the latest, however the fact the film was in production from 1954 it could be more interesting. I’m not holding my breath though.

I’ll report back if it is not wrecked.



Very excited to get out and shoot on this, but I think it might be a couple of months before I manage to get it all converted correctly to 120 film.

Thanks for reading.