The long way round Back Tor

Considering how close I live to the Peak District, I really do not spend very much time up there. In fact, this is only my second walk I can think of that has been in this area. I am so accustomed to driving for hours to journey into the Lakes that this came as a refreshing change to only drive 1 hour east to get to the hills.

Both myself and Amy had been in this area last year, so when my brother was after an easy hike to break himself back in after an injury sustained during a charity hike last year this seemed like a good idea given the pretty decent graidents.

The plan had been for a nice wander, I thought longer distance instead of steeper gradient, still I hadn’t realised we would be doing about 12 miles in all.

The weather was pretty decent for walking, not so much for photography.



Shortly after I took the above photo I walked over a small bump to see a Red Grouse, this was a novelty as I hadn’t seen them before, and it was very comfortable coming close. Close enough that the next 2 images were taken using a 35mm lens.



The Grouse was strutting back and forth across the path, it stayed for about 4 or 5 minutes. I honestly didn’t think I would have that long to photograph it, but when I went to my bag to get a better focal length it flew off. Typical.

The novelty of seeing grouse wore off after a while though. They were everywhere.

Once we had finished the ascent we made it to a plateau of moorland where a pth suddenly presented itself. I was not expecting this on the walk at all, but the paths across the boggy moorlands seem to be very good.


Once on the plateau we could see for a fair distance before the mist took over. Enough to spot a few mountain hares in winter colours. White highlights in a sea of burgundy and sand coloured grassland.

The peak of Back Tor (seen above in the distance) was covered in odd rock formations. We had seen these odd formations all throughout the day. Acres of grassland and then a small clump of rock then more grassland.


We walked along a road I walked along last spring, however the daffodils had been replaced by snow drops on this occasion.


After the peak it was the long descent back to the car, a small stop at the Derwent reservoir dam to see it as it is overflowing. A good sign of the rain we have had over winter.



Thank for reading.