Walking Solo, Place Fell and Beda Head

It is not often that I do these sort of walks on my own, but given the fact nobody else could make it out that day I decided to just go for it. Walking solo is definitely a different experience than walking accompanied, which is so often the case. You pick up on a few more things you may not have before and, for me at least, it meant I spent a lot longer at the points I shot.

It is nice to slow down a little, I think film has taught me that.

My car park was very remote today, I am glad there was not much snow or I would have had problems reaching it at all. Straight from the car park it was up and over a small hill which would later form the end of the walk and onto the ascent upward to the major peak of the day Place Fell. It was a long slog and the weather was really not co-operating.

Coming over the top of one hill I was surprised to see stags in the distance. Unfortunately they all saw me and galloped away, however with that in mind I tried to get as best a shot as I could by edging closer.


Unfortunately I only had a 50mm, but you do what you can with what you have I guess. Although not clear in the background are a further 20-30 deer. I was later informed at the car park that this was one of the last pure breed red deer herds left in the country.

This area of the Lakes seems relatively unspoilt by visitors, with few others on the hills that day.


After spending far too long tracking deer with very little success and a few diversions I started to notice the clouds beginning to break.

Making the summit of Place Fell in blustery conditions that nearly blew me off the top I just about managed to hold my camera to get a few shots to stitch later, my hands numb from the cold I was reviewing the shots and thought it best to get my mitts back on. A few adjustments later and I am very pleased with the result.


This break in the cloud was a definite sign of things to come, but I was just happy my fingers had warmed back up. Starting my descent I was monitoring the cloud and the time, I had an option to go to Angletarn Pikes to bag another Wainwright, however with the weather being what it was I thought it may go dark a little earlier than planed due to the cloud cover.

As I descended the cloud broke once more and I was treated to amazing shafts of light hitting the valley below.


The shafts were very clearly defined as the moisture in the air seemed to leave them hanging ready for me to capture. I took a quick look back toward Place Fell to get some context and carried on.


The odd thing is this now looks like a completely different walk, the cloud was breaking the threat of rain had disappeared and it was blue skies!

Hindsight being what it is I should have pushed and done Angletarn Pikes, so after covering Beda Head and getting back to the car I photographed the nearby small church. Unfortunately the door was locked, but it had such an excellent setting in the valley.



Thanks for reading.