Bank Holiday Burn, Angle Tarn and High Street

Bank holiday  weekend has just been and gone. Being honest I really did not want to get out of bed this morning and got to work, but if I want to buy the petrol that gets me to the Lakes I need to earn them pennies!

Saturday (04/04) saw myself and Amy back in the Lakes, this was Amys first Lakes walk since October so I promised to make it easy…ish.

We headed up to Hartsop, near the location of the images taken in another recent post. Amy was interested to see where I had been on my solo walk, but also I loved my last photos from this area so much that I wanted to come back and try another few shots to see if it was just the light that day. We were really lucky again, no rain, not much cloud blocking the sun. Just sun and heat, perfect.

We made our way from the Hartsop car park along and up toward Angle Tarn Pikes, on the way up as the cloud started to break we paused to catch our breath and get some fluid.


To the left you can see our grassy route up the side of the mountain. This area is absolutely magnificent, the open valley gives a lot of impact to the other mountains surrounding Hartsop. Further along the same path a little higher than above and we were starting to see the Lake District in all it’s glory.


The mountains, due to the bank holiday weekend and the amazing weather, were a little busier than normal. More kids enjoying their time off, but it wasn’t too bad. I am a fan of having the hills to ourselves save a few walkers, but they are an amazing place I don’t think enough people take time to visit.

Once at Angle Tarn Pike we had lunch at the peak. The view was excellent, looking back toward Ullswater Glenridding and Helvellyn.


Leaving Angle Tarn Pikes summit we passed Angle Tarn itself and it looked magnificent. Reflecting so brilliantly the clouds in the sky.



After leaving Angle Tarn it was onwards to The Knott, this is the last of the images I have of the day. I was hoping I would have some of the summit of High Street, but they did not turn out as planned. Shame really, of course that always means I will have to go back.


After The Knott we summited High Street and made our way along the roman road down a very steep section toward Pasture Bottom. Back to the car and finish off our 10.5 mile trek. It was a great day. Burnt to a crisp, but a great day. Never again will I forget my suncream!

Thanks for reading.