Found film Kodak 616 Roll

A little while ago I bought a pretty old school camera from the US, after it finally arrived (customs ftw :|) I managed to have a good look at it, opening the back I was amazed to find there was a roll of Kodak 616 Verichrome Pan ready to develop. The camera it came from is detailed in this previous post. Needless to say I was pretty excited as the camera itself is from the 1930’s. My mind was racing with the amazing images I might be able to find if I could develop the roll!

616-125-verichromeThen I realised how unlikely that was so I did a bit of digging.

The film was a roll of Kodak 616 iso125 Verichrome Pan black and white film. A bit of research told me that the film was not as old as the camera, it was still potentially quite old. They started making this film in 1956 and finished production in June of 1984. So I have a window of approx. 28 years.


The process I used was a part stand development, which I had read was a good way of developing old films. At 20C I developed in 1:100 dilution for 30mins inverted 5 times and rounded off the hour. I will detail this process properly at a later date. A 1 hour development time is something I am not really used to in my other work, but I hadn’t held out much hope anyway so I guessed it was worth a shot.

Washing the film I always try and sneak peek the result, usually you can tell if the roll is screwed or not at this point by seeing shadows of the images. On this roll nothing! I was so disheartened, but I completed the wash cycle of the film and at the end opened the spool and to my amazement I could see images! The development had worked…


I could not believe this image was on the roll. I had secretly been praying for some people or technology or something to allow me to roughly gauge the age of the image. I think this one is it. Below is a zoom of the people leaving their car. Based on the fashion I reckon mid to late 60’s.


The other images, probably not so interesting from the point of view of getting a date, give a little insight into the photographers idea of what was worth capturing at the time.

The final image on the roll may be the best bet I have of locating where these images were taken. A small marina containing a number of boats. Hoping to be able to extract a name or at least a point of origin from one of the boats.


All in all though a pretty exciting find and one I was completely not expecting. I may look out for found film in the future as the excitement of being the first person to view these images after all that time was amazing. It also excites me that when I finally do get to use the camera myself I will be the first in about 50 years to do so.

Thanks for reading.