Manchester street 120 Film

It has been a fair old while since I last developed a roll of 120 film, not really sure why that is. Maybe I need the new season to feel inspired again. I decided after this roll of film to load some Velvia slide film into the TLR I have. Finding it oddly difficult to picture my film images in colour now.

Really pleased with a few of the images I got this time round.

Was having a bit of a rough day when this was taken last month, sometimes instead of being in a hurry it is nice to slow down and enjoy the buskers. I did feel like for a while I had seen them all and it does get a bit repetitive when you are in the city all the time, but these two brightened up my day no end.



I am a huge fan of a blog called¬†Shoot Tokyo, often taking street images on his way to and from work. I thought this is something I really don’t make the most of, mainly because the weather through winter is a bit hit and miss, but now the light is better in the morning I took the opportunity to take a few commute shots. I like the way in Manchester it is not really that big a city,¬†you can still get very few people in a shot even at quarter to 9 in the morning.



One of the things I like about the end of winter is the week where the golden hours align well on either side of work. So I have the AM golden hour (more like 2 hours at this time of year) happening on my tram ride to work and then I can enjoy the sun after it too. These are rare and magical days when the skies are not grey and the rain has stopped falling. Miracle days!


Last photo for the post was taken the same day as the above, a glorious day in Piccadilly gardens. What better way to spend the day, but feeding the pigeons…



Thanks for reading.