A walk for another day.

We arrived to the start point a little later than normal. The plan initially was to walk the route, knock off as many of the Wainwrights in that area as we could. Then with our legs weary get the boat back. However given our late start I thought it would be a much smarter idea to get the boat out from Pooley Bridge and start our walk from Howtown instead, this meant we could take a lot longer and take our time and enjoy the views.

I was very excited to find on reading the timetable there was a boat at 1120! It was 1105 and I thought we could make the jetty in time. We all bundled our boots on and headed off toward the centre of Pooley Bridge (I am sure it is very picturesque but at the time we were speeding on foot for the boat). We made it to the ticket office with minutes to spare, but with no ferry in site we thought we were just in time or just too late. Going inside, it turns out I read the timetable completely wrong… the boat left at 11, the next one was 1240….oops.

So that led to this….


Good job the view was good, just above Amy’s head is the snow capped Helvellyn.

So it was with this view we had lunch and awaited the boat.


By the time the boat arrived the pier was much more busy and people were queuing to board.

The boat ride is 30 minutes, but a very pleasant start to a walk if you read the timetable correctly. At least that way you don’t start the walk with fellow walkers who are grumpy with you for rushing them.


Once over to Howtown we began our ascent of Hallin Fell.


On summiting Hallin Fell the view was exceptionally impressive, the view to energy ratio is one of the best I think I have done, beating even Walla Crag. The short ascent is heavily rewarded with great views up toward Pooley Bridge and all the way round towards Glenridding and Helvellyn.


From the summit of Hallin Fell we descended  back to lake level and ascended Steel Knotts, the ascent was steep and sustained. I am not sure how it could have been easier from this route, but I imagine there are easier ways than straight up!

Unfortunately this played havoc with a recovering injury Phil had and meant he had great difficulty walking. Checking our watches it was not long until the last boat so we planned to head down and put Phil on the boat to get the car and we would wait. However with it apparent we wouldn’t make it I decided a bit of fell running would sort it out (on a day I broke in new boots…) so I ran the 6km to the pier to catch the last boat of the day and get the car instead.

I quite enjoyed my run, although I don’t think I will be making a habit of it. We were beaten this time, but all three of us will return together to climb the 4 we had planned to complete in the same hike. However, the weather was great and the views were excellent. Loved it all the same.

Thanks for reading.