Miles through the Lakes

Last Sunday I went hiking, yes, shocking I know. It is not often on this blog you see that I have been hiking!

This hike was approximately 10 miles, covered 5 Wainwright peaks and turned out to have much better weather than any of us expected.

As with all these days, we start early. At least it is early for me, 7am is not a normal hour for a Saturday. Everything is prepared the night before, so usually it is a case of filling the flasks getting a shower and hitting the road. Breakfast is light and usually eaten while I drive, a few hours of driving which I am becoming very accustomed to doing as we cover the journey 2-3 times a month. It’s becoming a welcome addiction.

We were meeting my brother for this walk, he had been conquering Walla Crag the evening before, his first trip to the Lakes since an injury he sustained about a year ago during a 2 week coast to coast hike for charity. Consequently he picked the hike to suit his recovery. We met up at about 10am, the car park was small and luckily we grabbed one of the 2 spots left. We were close to Bassenthwaite, but given its relative proximity to Keswick this is not a very busy area with walkers as there are bigger beasts to summit in the surrounding than the hills we had our eyes on. I don’t mind though, nothing worse than seeing lots of people while you are in the hills.

On leaving the car it was significantly better weather than expected, so much so that I left my hat and thermals in the car (regretted leaving the hat later). Climbing pretty gently away from the car we were looking to hit the summit Ling Fell, the other peaks on the days checklist were Broom Fell, Lord’s Seat, Barf and Sale Fell.

Ling Fell came and went without much incidence, looking out over the hazy expanse disappearing off toward Scotland. Unfortunately it meant going all the way down to ascend Broom Fell.



From the base of Ling Fell it was off to Broom fell, which after a little walk was also achieved, although by that time it had started hailing, the wind had picked up and the cloud was heavier. We made the peak, but again I was a little disappointed with the lack of view. From Broom Fell we could see the weather closing from the North and with the wind blowing in a Southerly direction it did feel it would only be a matter of time before we had to put all our waterproofs on. However being at ~500m meant we just got hail which is easier to deal with than rain as it just bounces off. Just below the peak of Lord’s Seat the weather was looking great.


However about 10 minutes later we were huddled sheltering from hail, eating a few sandwiches.

Pushing on toward Barf and the final in this stint before we made the trek back toward the car. Barf is a very interesting looking summit that is quite formidable from the road as you pass it, but from this side you only have to conquer the very top.


In the above image you can see Barf, in the centre of the image. To the left is Skiddaw and Little Man, to the right is the hail we had just contended with battering another mountain range. The summit of Barf definitely provided one of the best views of the day so far. The light doing massive favours to this also.


Leaving Barf, we picked up the pace, walked through the woods nearby to cut across to the base of Sale Fell. This meant walking through the land surrounding the nearby Wythop Hall. We realised as we got closer there were a lot of lambs, some very very young. Basic etiquette in the hills, at least from my point of view, is keep a good distance from this sort of thing. The sheep being new mothers can be quite skittish, we didn’t really want to stress them out so we only stayed a few minutes at a distance to prevent unnecessary problems. However the lambs were incredibly young and absolutely brilliant. Great to see them all sleeping or running through the fields.



Leaving Wythop Hall Farm the lambs were everywhere.



After another quick break for fluids we made for the base of Sale Fell and the final summit. All feeling very tired we made the final summit as the light was looking at its best all day. From Sale Fell you get a real sense of perspective on the days hike. Below is a view from the top, Lord’s Seat can be seen as the highest peak on the far right. Skiddaw standing solidly to the left of the middle.


My brother was struggling a bit with his leg but hopefully the views were worth it.


After a long day of hiking, roughly 7 hours worth it was time to head back to the car. Just another 2 hours and we would be home…


Even though you can feel utterly utterly drained at the end of a day like this it is really rewarding and I am glad the images have come out well this time as I have been disappointed in some of my recent outings at the lack of imagery I have come back with.

We are doing it all again tomorrow, so I guess it is probably time I picked tomorrows walk.

Thanks for reading.