Shooting Colour

My brother showed me some of the images he had been shooting recently and I was taken aback by the colours he was getting on the film. Also it took me by surprise when he handed me the film and it was in positive. I was expecting to see negatives, as you normally see film in this way, but slide film is designed for projection I guess and so produces a positive.

I love shooting film, not only for myself but also for the talking point it makes. I am not doing it because of any weird hipster ideal of nostalgia, but really just doing it to see what the different looks of different films is first hand. Learn what I consider to be a bit of a dying art and enjoy the process of making a photograph in its entirety.

My film of choice was Velvia, a really warm toned E6 slide film. ISO 100 and 120 format. Having never shot this film I was unsure how it would turn out. With black and white I am getting used to looking for harsh and contrasty light which helps make a subject stand out. However I had to use anything I knew about the colour imagery I produce from my digital photos.


Just after taking this picture I noticed two Chinese girls taking photos, I couldn’t help but laugh as they each took it in turns cycling through as many different poses as they could, the possibilities seemingly endless. I’m pretty sure some models have less in their repertoire than the two I saw!


I saw this image through the window of the tram the night before and thought it might make a nice shot, getting low to try and make the most of the leading lines of the tracks and the power lines overhead.


Wandering with a camera like the Yashica Mat can draw attention of its own, however it is such a good size for hiding against my body I am able to get a lot closer than I think I would with and SLR. The shutter is also virtually silent and often goes unnoticed which is great.


I love photographing in the Northern Quarter, people are pretty chilled and there is a totally different vibe to the area than the rest of the city. You have people like these two meeting up for a chat….


…or this guy on his way somewhere. However one thing is for sure, the most colourful characters and the most colourful buildings are definitely out in the Northern Quarter.


One of my favourite aspects of shooting film is the people that speak to me because of it. Like I said earlier the camera can be a talking piece for people. Often people a few generations older than myself can remember a family member having one, or indeed having one themselves! While shooting the photo above I was approached by a guy who was asking me about my camera, thinking it was a Rolleiflex, which is what he used to use. He was telling me all about his time in Pakistan shooting film with friends. As many film photographer ask what film is in there, he was loving it when I told him it was Velvia. “The colours on that film are something else…ah they are incredible you will not be disappointed.” I really enjoyed our short chat and it is definitely these experience that consolidate my love of film photography.

Thanks for reading.