Manchester Day

Last Sunday was Manchester day, a yearly celebration in the city. I am not entirely sure of it’s origins, but I guess it is something that the council have come up with to make everyone feel better about living in a city where it rains so much.

This being the first time I have attended Manchester day I thought I would find out what it was all about.

We headed into the city around lunch and made our way to a road the parade was meant to be passing. We had noticed the parade was starting as we passed overhead on the tram. I wasn’t sure what to expect really so I thought we would have missed it, but we got to Deansgate in time to see the entire thing.

Waiting for the start of the parade we could still see the end of it as it snaked along the road up from us before turning into the city round the streets and back out to join the road we were on.


The parade was full of energy, hundreds of people marching the streets. So many social, dance and music clubs I had never heard of together in the one place.

floats had been constructed and were being pushed around, some of which were very elaborate. However my interest was the people today.


As the performers passed I tried to capture the energy and the enjoyment they were all having.


Needless to say there were cameras absolutely everywhere.

From young kids in dance troups to bagpipe bands there seemed to be everything. The parade lasted about 45mins, which was loads longer than I had expected. Everyone had a great time and I am really chuffed with the images I managed to get of the people walking.



The photo below being my favourite capture of the day. Such a bewildered little girl, very very cute though.


With there being so many people out and about the cameras were absolutely everywhere. Sometimes it can be demoralising, because you feel like you get the same viewpoint as everyone else. One thing that does annoy me at these event are the adults who seem to forget that its not all about them. I don’t care how much you want that photo, you can see over the kids heads, let them in front, I am glad that was only a minority though.¬†Great parade though.


Once the parade had finished we set about making our way through all the different city squares where entertainment was being held. We came across the Ashton brass band first, who were phenomenal! So tightly timed, some seriously impressive musical skills.

Performing everything from looney tunes intro to the Harry Potter theme.



I don’t know what it is about brass bands but I always feel like they are very English, their history steeped in coal dust and community.

We wandered around and I took the opportunity to try and get a feel of some of the other acts.




There was so much going on everywhere you went. The above was Exchange Square, then we moved round to near the Great Northern finding local singers, admittedly some better than others, performing to a crowd. Kids dancing everywhere, it was great.


Then finally on toward the main square near the town hall, where a ska band was entertaining the crowds of people.



All in all a fantastic day, we will definitely be going back next year I’m sure.

Thanks for reading.