Summer Sun in the City

Once a year the sun comes out in Manchester. It is a special day and I have to be quick to get the right film in my camera and go out shooting or I might miss it and I have to go back to my dark day film.

However, this year we have been very much graced by the sun’s presence. Granting us many a day of sweet sweet sunshine. I honestly feel like I am overflowing in vitamin D right now I don’t know how to cope!

This has two effects, it means I actually want to get out and shoot and that people want to sit in the street enjoying the flaming ball in the sky.


The morning sun is always the perfect, people are in a rush to get to work normally and they really don’t pay attention to anything that is actually happening around them. Shame when it is so sunny.

In this instance, it was students waiting for the library to open so they were going nowhere! Maybe if I had done that a few times when I was at Uni I would have got a better result.



The city is pretty lively when it is sunny, people who wouldn’t normally make the journey to the centre. Or those that would normally have their lunch behind their desks spill into the street and try to eek every bronzing ray they can.

The below duet are regulars to the corner near St Anns square entrance. They have great voices, really cool covers and great harmonies.



One of the difficulties about midday light is the harsh shadows and the way it is not particularly flattering for your subjects. Nobody looks great with enormous black shadows under their eyes. It does provide plenty of opportunities to challenge myself and try high contrast images on film which I am not as familiar with as digital.


I do like people’s reactions when I shoot with my large box camera. It has such a nostalgia factor for so many, people often stop me to talk about the camera. This time was no exception and I had a quick chat to a girl that works at Artisan about a camera that she used to use when her Grandad let her. It’s always nice to hear little personal stories about peoples relationship with photography. I would also apologise as I wasn’t very chatty despite being interested in her story as I initially thought she was coming to complain about me photographing in the passageway.

Long may the sun continue to shine and fingers crossed for a few more weeks of summer…

Thanks for reading.