First walk back

On my last walk, I managed to twinge my achilles. I have since been to the physio and he advised me it was tendinopathy because of my hiking and a few other things. The recovery was to rest my achilles and slowly build it up and stretch out other problem areas. The worst news was I couldn’t hike fully on the ankle for a while. In fact even this walk which was about 6 miles was a struggle in the uphill sections, but I still managed so I definitely will keep pushing.

For this one I consulted my perpetually injured brother for advice of a smaller peak with good views. He recommended Loughrigg, I checked it out on the map and decided it would be perfect. With it being a weekend it was going to be busy, but with the right path I was confident we could bypass any busy areas until nearer the peak. In addition it was very close to Silver How, so I thought if my ankle was holding up to that point I guessed we could always knock that off too.

We woke to a pleasant morning, packed up and headed off on our regular mountain commute. The M602, M60, M61, M6 then into the heart of the Lake District. I thought I would be getting bored of this journey, but I really don’t I think the anticipation of a good day keeps me ready, then on the way home it is the memories formed from a day on the hills and the exhaustion in my legs that keeps me going. That and a bit of chocolate 🙂 .

The walk started well, it was all relatively low level and winding paths. The hardest part of most walks tends to be the bit before you start the ascent. Working out the right routes, in this case we took plenty of wrong turns, going further down a river than we meant. Then overshooting a path later on. The map was barely out our hands all day! Navigation is usually very easy on a sunny day, you don’t usually have to contend with poor visibility, however it being summer, the trees are all in full green leaf. So visibility was a bit difficult to begin with.

walk-next-to-rydalCrossing over the river near Grasmere we made our way round to the west side of Loughrigg Fell. This involved a long walk along the side of Rydal water, on a very well maintained path. Nice easy walking really to ease me back in gently.


I always find it funny on low level walks, I still dress like it is the mountains of Scotland, while everyone else is out for their Sunday stroll. Todays plan was 6 miles with 2 peaks maximum altitude of 395m, it was hardly Everest. I guess you dress how you are comfortable, who cares what others think.


We continued up and through the Jurassic looking ferns to the summit of Loughrigg.


From here we descended on our way to join another path up towards Silver How. On our way down I stopped and took the below image. Shortly after taking this image, I was amazed to see a plane I have only seen a couple of times at airshows. A Vulcan flew right overhead, I hadn’t realised the significance of this until later that weekend, when I found out this was part of it’s farewell tour of Britain. It is the final time I will see this absolute beast of a jet. Sad times.


From The shores of Grasmere back up to the mountains we went. The weather seemed to be changing quite quickly, much more cloud now gathering. Clouds always make great subjects if they are breaking. You can’t do much with solid grey cloud, but breaking clouds add some drama to an image.

So from the top of Silver How I turned my attention to the sky, sacrificing the nearby mountain. This is a view out towards the langdale pikes.



From here we had nice walk back to the car. Unfortunately my batteries ran out on my GPS before I hit the summit of Loughrigg, so no route map this time.

All in all a positive walk testing out my achilles, needs more practise though. Next time more pushing more ascent, but hopefully the same amazing weather 😀

Thanks for reading.