Outhouse Manchester Street Refresh

One of my favourite things about the Northern Quarter, in Manchester, is the street art. It looks brilliant!

I have featured the artwork in the Northern Quarter before, I notice the art change, I always really enjoy the new works. However, despite living in Manchester for nearly 3 and a half years I am yet to see any of the street artists that actually create the fantastic works, until yesterday.

Myself and Amy were just out for a wander, lazy Saturday stuff. Wandering through the Northern Quarter and 4 artists were in Stevenson Square making it theirs.

One of the things I like most about the Stevenson Squares street art is that it is always such high quality, it showcases up to 4 artists work at a time and it is up for 3 months at a time. The project is run by Outhouse Manchester, supported by Fred Aldous, Soup Kitchen and Eastern Bloc. This sort of creative collective is what I think the Northern Quarter is all about, to be honest if more things where more collective I think the world would be a cooler place. The art brings people into the area, and the sorts of people it brings are likely to want to go to visit the awesome places that support it.

Anyway enough about the place, more about the art and the artists!


This guy is a genius with his spray, he has created one seriously cool freehand installation for this round!



After a quick chat, I find out he has been doing this style for nearly 20 years, a veteran if there ever was 🙂 .


The finished art was great.


Follow him on instagram and show your love.

Nick Chaffe

Nick had sprayed his letters by the time we saw him, edging them out to give them that more defined look he likes. This is a tribute piece to his baby girl Marla who is only 5 weeks old. Congratulations bud, I hope she likes the piece as much as we do.


Nick is the guy responsible for the cool mural in the new Northern Quarter coffee house Takk. So definitely go grab a coffee and check his mural out while you do that. Genuinely nice guy, even when we were interrupting him, didn’t throw paint at us! Not even once!


Follow him on instagram, check out his website and check out his work in Stevenson Square.

Stina Jones

Stina was pretty much finishing up on one side of the block she had, she totally nailed it. A complete pro down to the smallest detail. Her character was super cool. We got chatting and it seems she moved from Birmingham last year and this is her first outdoor piece in Manchester! It looks belting.


Got a card and a very cool character sticker too, massive fan of her drawings on her website too. Unbelievably talented individual who was super nice when we had a chat, she also did not throw paint on us haha.



Follow her on instagram and definitely get yourself over to her website. Her characters are amazing.

Matthew Alker

Last but definitely not least, Matthew Alker. He had pretty much finished his entire piece by the time we got here. He was in the zone at this point so I didn’t want to bother him too much.


A very cool style to his work, completely different to the other artists. I think that is the benefit of having 4 different artists on the street, it means there is something for every street art fan 😀 .

The finished piece was so freaking cool.


Check him out on instagram and also his website, full of other incredible goodness.

I have no doubt I will be back to see the completed works by Stina and Nick as they both reckoned they will still be working on it today. Check them out for yourself in Stevenson Square definitely worth it.

Check out Outhouse Manchester on instagram, tag your images with #outhousemcr.


Thanks for reading.

  • Gerald England

    Great information – photographed this one last week so have linked here for information – see http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4692861

    • Cheers bud, it was great to see all of them doing their thing 🙂