The Crinkles and Bowfell

It has been a while since I did what I class as a proper day in the hills. I don’t really know what this means, but I guess it means when I get home I am knackered and when I wake the next day I am sore. Fortunately I have just been on one of those sorts of walks.

During the week I feel like some sort of weather obsessive, constantly checking the metoffice website for changes in weather, working out the best place for a walk if we happened to be able to go. To the point I have the MetOffice app on my phone with a number of locations in the Lakes always easily reachable at the flick of a finger. Scrolling through the likely scenarios in my head, deciding how much rain is too much.

The day in question had looked overcast for most of the week, but with heavy rain either side of it, it often seems like an inevitability that it will change. Saturday 18th July. That was the target date. With both my girlfriends brother and both my brothers now on board, it was happening no matter what the weather threw at us.

I had already decided on a muscle punishing day before anyone else’s involvement, however I kept that information to myself.

On arrival at our destination at Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel we could see only half of the mountains we wanted to summit, the bottom half. The tops were all covered in dense cloud and mist, however the forecast was for this to lift so we set off enjoying the views as we climbed steadily upward.




It seemed the mist was equalling our ascent, lifting off at a similar rate as we were climbing.


Once up past Great Knott it is full steam onto the Crinkles. Crinkle Crags looks fantastic, and its undulations make this an unusual ridge line to walk. However having missed out the bad step for today, we came round to the top. We could now make out the top of Bowfell, only another 43m in altitude, but unfortunately a loss of 150m between where we were sat and where we wanted to be.

It was at the top of Bowfell when my brothers decided to call it quits for the day, heading back via another path back to the cars.


The three of us that were left continued towards Esk Pike swiftly passing the top before moving towards Allen Crags.

Our legs now getting weary, more so due to the duration of our journey more than the distance we reach Allen Crags. Dropping further there was one small climb and Rossett Pike was bagged. This marking my 96th Wainwright climbed.


From here it was a long downhill along the rivers and waterfalls. Following the Cumbrian Way toward the Hotel we were getting very tired and very much looking forward to getting some pub grub.

All in all 20Km (12.5 miles) and ~1,400m (4,600 ft.) ascent.

Fells climbed: Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike, Allen Crags and Rossett Pike.