Elterwater Round

It is not often I get to walk with my family, all 5 of us. Normally at least one person is injured enough to be unable to make it. It made a nice change to be able to do this low-level circular route with everyone together.

Starting just outside the small village of Elterwater, also situated on the edge of Elterwater itself, we walked around Elterwater and off up toward Skelwith Bridge.

The first section of this walk is very well trodden and as such is very well managed, the paths are very defined. In our full walking gear, bags, boots, etc I was definitely thinking we were overdressed.



The scenery is incredible, and it makes a big change for me taking images on this level instead of up in the mountains. One thing I can say is it is much harder to get images without people in them and focus on the landscape than it normally is. At least the image above gives an idea of the numbers of people you can expect on this sort of walk.

elterwater-2That is not that this reduces this walks appeal in any way, and once you get away from the initial busy section, surrounding Elterwater itself it becomes a much more traditional low level walk.

Leaving the path you come across a number of waterfalls on this walk (none of which I photographed very well), but its enough to add more interest to an already great walk.

Once you make it to Skelwith Bridge and you are on your way toward the area of Little Langdale the surroundings open up and you find yourself surrounded by farm land on narrow country roads.

little-langdaleMountains ascending out of the farmland offer a break from the rolling fields and a magnificent draw for the eye. This is the sort of road they would drive down in old movies with the top down.


A fantastic walk, one that everyone enjoyed and I think is a great break into more walking. Helps with map reading skills and has enough going on that I honestly think almost everyone has something to enjoy.

Thanks for reading.