An English Country House, Rufford Old Hall

To combat the jet lag from our recent trip to Canada I decided we needed to do more than sit in the house all day, get out there. Keep moving and do something to interest both myself and Amy. I have only been to this country house once before, but I don’t really remember it so we thought we would give it a go.

The house is a national trust property and here is their brief description regarding the house:

A fine Tudor building, the home for stories of romance, wealth and 500 years of Hesketh family history.

The house is set just off the main road near Rufford in the north-west of England just inland of the famous victorian holiday resort of Southport. The house is small, but has a lot of character. Leading up to the house are lovely pathways and well kept topiary.


The areas of the house inside are very well kept and there are even areas used for functions such as weddings. The main area for this is the main hall, which is a small and simple looking room with incredibly ornate wood carvings covering almost all wooden areas.



Unfortunately, photos are only allowed to be taken within this hall, no other rooms can be photographed. However, it was also nice to spend time taking in the contents of the room and talk to the people working at the hall who had many interesting facts about its history.

Amy also managed to play the grand piano they have which is from 1890. Should you wish to do the same apparently this opportunity is only available for those who are grade 5 or above….so that counts anything I will ever do out haha.


Much of the house retains its original features, the bay windows jutting into parts of the gardens. The stained glass kept clean and colourful.



Once the inside of the hall was complete we ventured around the gardens, it was quieter by this point. Only an hour until close, most families had left. At the end of the path is an orchard, where they grow many old English varieties of apples, none of which we can buy in the shops anymore.

Venturing back toward the front of the house again I took some shots of the flowers that are still out, the Crocuses showing we are moving towards autumn and winter!




If you would like more information, please visit the National Trust website for opening times and entry prices.