3 days in Oslo, Exploring the city

The post holiday blues are tough, so we decided they’re for suckers and booked another. It worked….ish

Only a month or so ago I was in Canada, exploring Toronto. Myself and my girlfriend spent two weeks with her family, it was fantastic, a brilliant experience. It was so recent in fact that I have only written one of the 2 blog posts I plan on writing (O Canada! So much room for activities!). We arrived back in the UK, we felt pretty bummed out….back to work…jet lag….no more exciting holidays for the rest of the year….but wait! Freaking Ryanair of course (the budgetiest of budget airlines), secretly I had already been researching another trip in our downtime in Canada, but it wasn’t really definitely happening until we both felt like we needed another.

I found cheap flights to Oslo, Norway. Excited to visit a new country we got our accommodation sorted through Airbnb. For a country so expensive in general it turned out so far not to be that expensive at all, an apartment for 4 nights, plus flights and airport transfer came in a about £350 for us both. Everything else in Norway it turns out is not cheap it is exactly what everyone says, it is expensive.

On our first day we did what we often do in a new city, we chill, explore, get lost and find our way. We scope out cool stuff to do, we work out the cost, fine out if we can fit what we want in. We walk, we eat, we walk and walk and walk and walk, and crash hard at the end of the day exhausted.

So first day….

Exploring Oslo


Before visiting Norway if you had asked what Oslo was famous for I would not have known anything apart from Trolls.

Turns out the architecture is phenomenal and of course, how could I have forgotten about the Vikings!



The Akershus fortress complex is fantastic to see up close, we never made it into the fortress this time. We had other things planned for the weekend when it opens during the winter season. It is guarded by a number of military personnel, always fantastic to see how dress uniforms differ around the globe.norwegian-military-guardFrom the fortress we walked around the town, making our way past the Royal Palace, also guarded by the military.





However, despite the rich history on display in the centre of Oslo there is also an abundance of fantastically well architected buildings and structures. One of the most stand out of these is the Oslo opera house, which is phenomenal both inside and out. The outer skin of the building offers tourists and visitors the opportunity to walk on its roof, providing a great vantage point to view the city from.


From the vantage point you can see many of the surrounding buildings which are again very modern and fantastically designed. Coming back after food afforded us the chance to take some nice night shots of the adjacent buildings.partment-office-oslo



Inside the building does not disappoint either, the materials use look premium, as they seem to everywhere in Oslo. It has that minimal clean feel without actually being that minimal. Everything feels very open as well.


oslo-opera-house-interiorNeedless to say we were impressed with Oslo, we just had 2 more days to go…and it was a great 2 days.

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