3 days in Oslo, Island Hopping

Oslo has a lot to offer tourists, incredible architecture, great food, brilliant history. It also happens to be based on the water, as part of a fjord.

For our second day we decided to hop between islands in the fjord. There is a boat that leaves once an hour, in the off-peak season, from the waterfront in the city. This boat makes stops at 5 of the larger and closest islands to the city (Hovedøya, Lindøya, Nakkholmen, Gressholmen and Bleikøya).

Before we departed we decided based on the information on the Visit Oslo website we would visit Lindøya and Gressholmen, from Gressholmen making our way to Rambergøya (which joins Gressholmen). The islands are known for their wildlife reserves for keen birders, and their holiday cottages of which there are many. We wanted a traditional view of postcard Norway not far from the city and this proved perfect.


We reached the first island, disembarked and started to wander. We hung back a little, people disappeared and we were alone. Just me and Amy wandering across the small island together, we were not in a rush, following the path, taking lots of small turns. Eventually we ended up next to the fjord shore.



Not a bad spot for lunch 🙂

From here we made our way back to catch the next boat to come in and make our way to another of the islands.

Gressholmen being next on the list we again left the boat and made our own way across the island stopping to enjoy the scenery and the flowers.


There was much more industrial work happening on Gressholmen, the maintenance of boats was more of a feature on this island.



We had a mooch and made our way to Rambergoya, where a small hill allowed us an unusual vantage point. From the level of the islands you can very much forget how close you are to a capital city, however from our new vantage point you could see how close and how much of a contrast it was!


Making our way back to the boat again and we had really enjoyed our day on the islands, spending about 3-4 hours on and around them was well worth every penny for the boat.




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