O Canada! So much room for activities!

This year we again had a 2 week trip planned, this would be a little more jam packed than our trip to Malawi last year, but as it turns out it was the right amount of full.

Before going to Canada, having never been before, I really only had TV and anecdotes to go from. In my head it was a huge sprawling place, enormous mountains, bears in every back yard and full of Americans with free healthcare. Ok thats not quite what I thought, but you get the idea, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having never been to North America this was going to be another tick on the continent list to make 4 so far.

We had a lot planned. Arriving on the wednesday with a wedding planned for Saturday, plus a Chinese wedding banquet and tea ceremony planned for the Sunday there was likely going to be little time to get out and do things before then. Add to that the jet lag (which was pretty quick to disappear) and the incredible change in heat and we needed to break ourselves in anyway.

Wedding Days

The wedding day came up quickly and despite managing to get out the house to the mall or some outlet shopping we had kept it all pretty easy. Nothing major planned just in case I guess. The wedding was incredible and while I did not get many shots we had a fantastic day and the images taken by the pros on the day are amazing.


Really liked the idea of the instax guestbook! Two people photographing the guests, these can then be signed and pegged to a board. Very cool, we did keep this one though, sorry Lisa and Vins. This now lives in my wallet :).




All the details of the wedding were very well thought out, lots of planning and preparation had definitely paid off. The mason jars on the tables looked great and were even given to the guests at the end of the day, so we have this in our flat with our own flowers in it now. It makes a great memento of the day.

Each place card was also well thought out, with the flower representing your meal type, a different one for vegetarian and meat eaters. This meant the serving staff did not have to question people when serving. It was very well executed.


With the western ceremony and night done, the next day was the turn of the 12 course Chinese wedding banquet!

I have never in my life seen the amount of food I did that night! Words cannot describe how full I felt haha.

In fact food had started to become a theme for the trip by this point. Having already consumed lobster with claws the size of my head. and Crab with an span similar to mine!



The above was a meal a couple of days before the wedding, while the below was a Canadian speciality which I would thoroughly recommend. Batter, the consistency of a doughnut with crepe pancake toppings! Beaver Tails are the best!


Sorry, what was that?

Getting used to Canada, driving on the right hand side of the road, the size of the trucks, cars and trains and the heat at the time when we arrived. Being the hottest of the year so far.

However one thing I needed practise with was being understood. I don’t have a very harsh accent and I don’t think I am hard to understand, but I obviously caught a number of people off guard with my accent and left them asking “sorry, what was that?”. This happened a lot, so much that Amy’s Canadian cousin often accompanied should an interpreter be needed :P.

Niagara Falls

Of course being on the tourist trail I was not going to leave Canada without seeing Niagara falls!

On the way to the falls, we stopped at a small town right on the border between Canada and the US. A very quiet and quaint place, filled with tourists :).



After this it was onward to the falls :).



The weather on the day was unusual. The wind was whipping round in the horseshoe falls, this was causing the mist to come over the road near the falls, as well as making it storm like while on the boat into the mist. Amazing fun though, not sure what the ponchos are for though, they do nothing haha.

Wildlife Walk

So the wildlife we saw, it was very small. No bears, no moose, no cougars, no mountain lions etc etc. Not that I expected to see any of that, but we definitely enjoyed the little critters that are abundant in the Mississauga and Toronto areas.

Unfortunately little things are hard to capture so I apologise if the images are not up to standard haha.

Near to where we were staying was a small park surrounding the Credit River. It was a few small forest trails and a gardens, but the opportunity to get up close with the wildlife was amazing.

Seeing Chipmunks and Black Squirrels among other things, definitely not things we get here in the UK.

forest walk





I have decided to separate our days in Toronto into a different post which I will have published shortly.

Thanks for reading.