We Signal Fire – Band Promo

I always enjoy photographing and collaborating with other creatives, in this instance providing a bit of promo material.

We Signal Fire are an alt rock quartet from Manchester. Comprised of Pete on lead, Chloe providing vocals, JB on bass and Martin smashing the drums. Martin and JB both work with me and approached me to see if I was interested in doing a small shoot with them and I happily agreed. I figured we do something simple for a first shoot and enjoy the process of getting them used to me and my way of shooting and see if I came back with results they liked.

From my feedback, I believe the result has been wholly positive and I am planning another shoot with the band some time soon in the future. A little more elaborate this time I think.

Below are a couple of images from the shoot and their practise session.



The shoot took place in a really cool old mill the guys use to practise in and hopefully we can use the same area on the next shoot, we will see whether the light plays ball. However I am enjoying scouting for other locations we can get together.




Album Art

A few weeks after the shoot the band also asked if they could use an image I had shot in the Lake District (the full view found here). Happily I obliged, and the album art is now being used to promote that single.


Thanks for reading.

If you want to find out more about We Signal Fire, you can find them on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.