Alderley Edge, Social Photography

I think in life it is important to challenge ourselves. Having had problems with confidence and self belief in the past I feel this is something that has helped. While the actual challenge may not be particularly enjoyable the feeling afterwards can be very rewarding.

I have been a part of a meetup social photography group for what must be a year or two now, but I have never signed up and attended any of the events. Some of them look very interesting, but I just never felt I had anything to offer.

I have always photographed alone, focussing heavily on the topic without distraction. However sometimes it is nice to have others around. Not only for company, but inspiration. I like seeing how other photographers see the same subject, how they frame it and on a more nerdy level the settings they select to get their result.

I had not been to Alderley Edge since living in Manchester so catching the train to the start point of the walk was great. A group of about 10 of us slowly walked a small distance within the woods, stopping regularly to capture what we could find.

I got a number of shots I was very pleased with that day and met some new people I would not have met otherwise. I should probably do this sort of thing more often.

There were an abundance of mushrooms around the woods.




Using my tripod and my macro lens I was very pleased with the detail I was managing to get. I used live view focussing zooming in on the area I wanted in focus and manually adjusting the focus until I was happy. I find this is the best way to focus inanimate objects when shooting macros.



We broke out momentarily from the forest and could see a bit of the view, the area was a very nice viewpoint.


Of the entire day one of my favourite images was one taken in the first hour. I was taking photos of the moss and I had my hand about 12 inches from this guy, I only noticed it when I went to take a shot of the purple mushrooms its sat amongst!


As I say I think I should do it more often, I am really pleased with the results and I feel it was fun seeing the way other people work.

Thanks for reading.