Running the Fells

I really love being in the hills, I am not a fair weather walker, I just feel better being out

It was a horrible day, no photos will follow…

I got out the car near Brothers Water, no pay and display here, just good old fashioned side of the road free parking. Winner winner. The air was extremely still as I exited the car, my parking spot sheltered by trees on all sides. Peeking between the branches I could make out the water of Brothers Water, looking out I could see the dense mist sitting not far out.

It was unseasonably warm, as a result I was packed for Autumn or Spring rather than winter. The main difference is my boots and some of the emergency gear I pack for winter extremes. As a result of recent hikes being difficult in part because the packs have been heavily weighted I felt light as a feather with warmer weather kit. With my new found weightless freedom I felt pretty good. I made it to about 250m before I was engulfed in a dense fog, reducing visibility to about 50ft.

Making my way along a well defined path and making my way to Mosser Fell I was enjoying the progress although it is always demoralising when you have no references to use as progress meters. You just need to keep the goal in mind. Topping out on Mosser Fell the rest of the fells seemed to come in very quick succession. Fellbarrow, Smithy Fell, finding the going was pretty easy I was breaking into a light jog as I covered the ground with ease. Pushing harder to get my heart rate up.

The weather had significantly deteriorated since Mosser Fell early in the walk, with a 40-50mph Easterly gale blowing the rain in horizontally. Thank goodness for waterproofs.

Keeping the pace good I hand-railed a wall from Low Fell to Darling Fell and made my way along the defined path. Descending easily and fast again. Reaching a solid but seemingly unused farm road I slowed my pace back to a normal walking pace. The Water in sight after dropping out of the fog, well and truly soaked through. A mixture of sweat from inside the waterproofs and the water seeping in. I wasn’t really bothered though.

I had very much enjoyed my wind battered, wet and fun jog across the fells.

Back in my car, a hot drink, some chocolate and a long drive home.