Photography is a passion that gives meaning to my day to day experiences.

My initial attraction to photography was simply as a way of documenting the world around me. A record of my life in photographs.

I now feel I want much more from the photographs I take, what once was a passing interest in imagery is now a full blown obsession. I began by carrying a camera to capture events around me, from a young age carrying a point and shoot 35mm photographing my world was the primary purpose. In recent years I have found huge satisfaction in my camera as a creative outlet. It still records the world around me, but it records my perception of the world around me and to me that is an important distinction. Sometimes we don’t need to record everything, but capture the elements we want to remember.

Although I primarily shoot digital now the chemistry and physics of photography captured on film never ceases to amaze me. So much so that I have invested time in rediscovering film photography which brings with it different challenges to digital. I regularly carry a medium format camera for my street photos and enjoy the work flow a lot for this type of photography.

How I define my photography

The 3 areas of photography that I particularly enjoy are landscape, street and documentary. I am a keen hill walker and I would like to see my skills advance to mountaineering in the next few years. It is a goal to climb a large mountain in full winter condition, whether in Scotland or more optimistically Europe. Through hiking I have been able to photograph the Lake District heavily, it is a way of me recording all my hikes and allowing others to see what I have. In the next few months I hope to take this another step further camping in the hills and capturing the best of the mountains.

However when I am not out in the UK mountains, I am home in Manchester. Given the area is not known for its mountainous vistas I turn my camera on the city and it’s inhabitants. I love this type of photography, looking for symmetry and shape in the buildings. Looking for expression in a cold city. People may often think it strange to photograph strangers but I find it very rewarding and love seeing the everyday elevated in this way.

Lastly I like to document, I guess I call it documentary as I don’t know what else it is. It, for me, is a record. It is life events, it is a moment captured.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing.

Thanks for reading,